Age: 35


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Country:United Kingdom
City:Birmingham, United Kingdom
Body Type:Average
Height:175 cm (5' 09")
Looking For:Friends, Adventure
Spoken Languages:English, Italian
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Cuddly, fun, pretty. Graduated professional, bilingual (English/Italian), with a sound understanding of Spanish. My hobbies include: volunteering for the homeless, painting abstract art, dog sitting for all my friends blessed with having a 4 legged buddy and obviously traveling. Not a big fan of shopping and extreme sports (no bungee jumping!), also I am quite down to earth so 5 stars hotels/resorts are not really my thing but I like to stay somewhere nice and clean! Don’t offer me money please: offer me your friendship and an itinerary :-) ❌ Note: Only contact me if you are actively planning a trip within a month or 2, I am not here to entertain lonely men looking for a virtual friend ❌ ———————————— Some more bits: - Single and child free - Triple vaccinated - European Union passport - Videocalls required before making any plans, if you are not happy with this, please skip my profile - Open to chat with men of any cultural/ethnic backgrounds - Due to the high volume of messages I’m receiving recently, I’ll only reply to those with a full profile and a message that says a bit more than just “Hi, babe” Why I want to travel? I love travelling for the sake of travelling, I always have. It is always memorable to immerse yourself in various cultures, to have your senses teased by those yummy gastronomical experiences and sexy foreign accents, feast your eyes on beautiful architecture, live for the moment and much, much more. ** my Bucket List ** Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados Belize Bhutan Brazil Brunei Cabo Verde Cambodia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Cyprus Ecuador Finland Iceland Israel Jamaica Jordan Lebanon Madagascar Mauritius Mongolia Panama Peru Vietnam Venezuela + potentially open to suggestion

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