Age: 40


Personal Info
Country:United States
City:Orlando, FL, United States
Body Type:Slim
Height:168 cm (5' 06")
Looking For:Friends, Soulmate, Adventure, Job
Spoken Languages:English
Wants to Visit:Europe
South America
Far East

Hello all you sexy fellas, I am that woman who loves life and life loves me. I am here because I love to live life to the fullest, to where I can say I have achieve some unforgettable memories with awesome people in beautiful places. I am not into this on a full-time basis. I am an educated professional, but I have chosen this path to travel at this point because being a single Mom, with full time work and school did not grant me the privilege before. However, my exceptional son is isuccessful and out in the world, so I can do this freely. I do want to say I have a birthday coming up in 2nd week in March and I want to make it the no holds bar kind of bday and my dream has always been to take a vacation to Italy, but restraints, plus a teacher salary doesn't allow it. I will be content with some other awesome trip, with the right person, a vacation can be tremendously mind-blowing if you are with someone to share the experience, chemistry and passion in all aspects. I now want to explore all the things, people and places I missed. I have an open mind for adventures, spontaneity and just about everything that is titillating about the world. I am a vivacious woman eager to share what I have to offer, and I know you are too. My heart is huge and filled with compassion, it is why I have choose a profession to give back each day. I love things that I never take for granted like family, the sun, ocean, dancing, outdoors, raindrops, great food, music, laughter, discovering new things, but most of all people that touches and excites your senses. Yes, I do find some aspects of Fifty Shades of Grey appealing, and other things that some people may think is unconventional. I am that that girl, who will try anything once within boundaries, of course. I am a chameleon because I could be an intellect holding a serious conversation on any topic, then I could switch easily to this vivacious, free-spirited woman that is and gregarious ready to have non-stop fun, or easily just relaxed in a Jacuzzi. I love dancing and music, it moves me to a rhythm that is so sensual. I am a thinking, feeling person, so I am a passionate affectionate person, and I get along well with almost everyone. I hope to meet people that I can connect with, people who are not just looking for a quick hookup, but an actual travel experience where you can communicate, hold a conversation, feel the energy, indulge each other, enjoy the vacation in its entirety, then at the same time have the fun that everyone dream of having on a vacation.

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