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GirlsTravelling is part of Dclick solutions fze company. As you register on our site, you agree to accept the below-mentioned terms and conditions:
1. General Terms
1.1. To enter and register as a member on this site, you must be 18 or above. Areas where service is prohibited, membership is void. While viewing or using this Site, you warrant and represent that you have the authority, right, and capacity to abide by this agreement’s terms and conditions and that you are at least 18 years old and law doesn’t prohibit you from using this Site.
1.2. intends to cater to educational and entertainment interests of people rather than supporting immoral interests.
1.3. You warrant and represent to the following:
1.3.1. You have complete authority to accept and perform under these Terms and Conditions
1.3.2. If you use the website, it will not infringe the trademark, right of publicity, copyright, or any other right of the third party
1.3.3. You will fulfill all requisites of applicable laws while using the Site and while being engaged in the other activities arising or related or connected with the terms in any way. It also includes without limitation and contacting the viewers and/or members of the Site.
1.3.4 One owns all the necessary rights needed to license the content s/he submits including that the use of content or posting the content by the Company will not violate or infringe the rights that third party holds.
2. The non-commercial use by viewers and/or viewers and the fees
2.1 The usage of the Site and related service and/or fee of subscription and duration of services were provided to you once you register and it is subjected to change with a notice sent to you electronically. We hold the right to invoke your access to the site for a reason or other or for no reason. Also, we can dismiss your membership by acknowledging you with the help of a notice sent to the email address you provided in the application or to some other email address that you provide later. In case, we find that you have breached this agreement, we can dismiss your membership without providing any refund or unused subscription fees. We hold the right to make use of the banks or credit card processors available outside the European Union to process your transactions. Your credit card provider or the bank may charge you a certain amount of the fee for foreign transactions. It is recommended to go over the policies regarding foreign transaction fees of your bank or credit card provider.
2.2 There are no. of the services that could be charged, the member or user of the site consents to continual asking for services/access provided on associating in a continuous use basis. Such continual asking shall continue till a member or user cancels the service. It’s entirely the member’s or user’s responsibility to cancel the service and the payment both.

2.3 The member or user hold the right to dismiss the service and can have a refund following the conditions of the Cancellation and Refund Policy (Section IX of the Terms and Conditions).

2.4. We hold the right to vary the value for provided services at any time. The members or users, who are already making use of our services before any changes of costs for provided services, won’t be affected with the new costs, unless the case of rejoining case arises.

2.5. For any violation of legal acts, committed throughout the method of payments regarding services of the site, the member or user can get restricted from accessing the site and every one with helpful knowledge concerning member’s or user’s personal identification data that are shared with legal authorities in cooperation for investigation.

2.6. We hold the right to use the services of a third party company to process the Site’s payments on the Company sake. Such companies are completely accountable for using your personal data throughout the payment processing as mentioned in their Privacy Policy.

2.7. This website is meant for personal use of individuals, members and/or viewers. It cannot be used in reference to any business endeavors. Organizations, companies, and/or businesses might not become members of this website and shall not use its service or the website itself for any purpose as well as restricted to: sending business emails to members, advertisements to different internet sites and services on this site’s chat rooms, or using the member’s personal information or data for business functions. Black-market and/or unauthorized use of the site, as well as unauthorized framing of or linking to the site or sending business emails will be investigated, and applicable action under the law will be taken. Company may limit the access to the site or can can take any fair and reasonable step like limiting the no. of emails, filtering or terminating the emails or chat received or sent by a member electronically in order to sack commercial emailing.
3. Termination
The Company holds the right to terminate your access to the location for any reason or no reason (it also includes the breach of any of these Terms by you). The company might invoke your membership upon a notice sent to the e-mail address you filled in your application for membership or a different email address as you’ll later. In case, company terminates your membership because of finding you not following these Terms, you’ll not be in a position to receive any refund of any unused subscription fees, and thereby you comply with waive any type of claim to such refund of fees. Upon suspension of your membership for any reason or no reason, either one or all the points accumulated in any of the programs of the Site will be terminated with no liability to you. You expressly acknowledge that any program providing the points or credits related to you and/or any of your participation in it will be suspended within the sole discretion by the company at any time having no liability to you. It may be that you probably did not be part of or stayed as a member of the location or the other services on any of these program(s), or the employment or accessibility of such points or credits, or the continuation of the program(s). Points and credits don’t have any cost some and will not be transferred to different persons. In fact, once your membership is terminated, all provisions of such Terms can stay in result.
4. Responsibility of a member or user
4.1. This web site could be a place or venue. Services provided by the company don’t cover the introduction of users to each another. This web site is just a place for members and/or viewers to learn about each other and, if they need, prepare stays with each other. The company isn’t concerned within the actual contact between members and/or viewers. As a result, the company has no management over the conduct of members and/or viewers or the reality or accuracy of the knowledge that members and/or viewers post on the site.

4.2. The company cannot and don’t ensure acknowledged identity of the members and/or viewers. Though the company provides tools meant to help you, you’re accountable for deciding the identity and suitableness of others with whom you will match by means the use of this web site. The company doesn’t endorse any persons who uses or registers for the services that are not provided by the company. The company doesn’t investigate name of the members and/or viewers, conduct, morality, criminal background, or verify the information of the members and/or viewers might using the site. You shall communicate directly with potential hosts and guests through the tools obtainable on the site and take an equivalent precautions you’d usually take when meeting an unknown person for the very first time.

4.3. You shall be only accountable for your interactions with alternative members and/or viewers of this web site. The company won’t be accountable for any harm or hurt ensuing from your interactions with alternative members and/or viewers of this web site. The Company hold the right; however, has no obligation, to watch interactions between you and alternative members and/or viewers of this web site and to take the other action in honesty to ban access to or the supply of the material that the company or another members and/or viewers of this web site might think or find obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable in any means.

4.4. Whereas this web site is just a venue, within the event that you simply have a dispute with alternative members and/or viewers of this web site, you unleash the company and officers, members, directors, agents, employees, and affiliates of the company from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of each kind and nature, acknowledged and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and unrevealed, arising out of or in any method connected with such disputes.

4.5. Personal conferences or meetings that are not commanded by teams of interested members and/or viewers aren’t sponsored or organized by the company. Members who organize conferences or meetings ought to explicate in their announcements, invites and accumulation that their conferences or meetings haven’t been organized or approved, and aren’t run, by the company. The company cannot guarantee the standard, organization or safety of any in-person meeting (whether or not sponsored by us). Members attend conferences or meetings at their own risk.

4.6. This web site is developed for non-sexual purpose. The site and its services can’t be used for the supply of sexual or related services by the user or the member of the site. The site can’t be used as a place for any type of sexual or related proposals.

5. Conduct of the member and/or viewer of the site

5.1. In your use of this web site, you must need to act responsibly and exercise healthy judgment. Not limitation but as a way of example, you shall not:
5.1.1. violate any law or regulation which is applicable;
5.1.2. infringe the rights of the third party, while not limiting, holding, privacy, subject matter or written agreement rights;
5.1.3. Use information or data obtained through the site for any unauthorized purpose;
5.1.4. interfere with or harm the site, including, while not limitation, through the utilization of viruses, Trojan horses, cancelbots, harmful code, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks, packet or information processing spoofing, solid routing or email correspondence address information or similar strategies or technology;
5.1.5. use the site to transmit, distribute, post or submit any information or data regarding another person’s or entity, while not limiting, images of others while not their permission, personal contact information or credit, debit, occupation card or account numbers;
5.1.6. use the site in reference to the distribution of spam (which shall be outlined as uninvited bulk e-mail or the other e-mail of an advertisement, non secular or political or alternative nature not among the meant functions of the Site);
5.1.7. harass the other members and/or viewers of the Site;
5.1.8. collect or store any information regarding alternative members and/or viewers for functions aside from of the permissible use of the Site;
5.1.9. register for quite one member account or register for a member account on behalf of your identity or yourself;
5.1.10. impersonate anyone or entity, or falsify or otherwise misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with anyone or entity, whether or not by providing or omitting to supply information;
5.1.11. arrange to breach any security or verification regarding the use of the website;
5.1.12. assist the third party in doing any of the foregoing;
5.1.13. use the site to transmit, distribute, post or submit any proposals of sexual or titillating content and/ or use the website to transmit, distribute, post or submit any proposals of sexual or titillating services, works and other offers.
6. Privacy
6.1. This website is intended to permit members and/or viewers to post images and information concerning themselves for public review and comment. Consequently, by submitting your photograph and/or the other personal information or data, you waive any privacy expectations you have got with relation to use of such likeness or personal information or data. If you do not want your picture or information or data that represents you viewed by others or disclosed to others, you shall not use the site. The company hold the right to collect some personal information or data from you that the company doesn’t post on the site. The company doesn’t by its own will transfer this information or data to independent third parties without having your proper consent; however, the company hold the right to transfer such information or data without your consent in very urgent cases or at the time of emergency, to safeguard or implement the rights of a third party or in response to a judicial written or subpoena as otherwise needed or allowable by law. The company additionally provides this personal information or data to third-party service suppliers who facilitate and maintain the site and deliver information or data and services to you and alternative members and/or viewers of the site.
6.2. By submitting any content (including while not as limitation, your photograph) to the site, you herewith grant the company a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license to use, non-exclusive, reproduce, display, perform, adapt, modify, distribute, have distributed and promote such content in any kind or all kind of media currently famed or created and for any purpose.
6.3. You’re only answerable for any content that you just submit, post or transmit via the positioning. You will not submit or post any content that:
6.3.1. is defamatory;
6.3.2. could knock any ethnic, racial, sexual or non secular cluster by conventional depiction or otherwise in any means;
6.3.3. exploits pictures or the likeness of people underneath eighteen years of age;
6.3.4. depicts use of illicit drugs;
6.3.5. makes use of offensive language or images;
6.3.6. characterizes violence as acceptable, glamorous or desirable;
6.3.7. provides a link to any industrial or commercial websites;
6.3.8. contains any of your personal contact information or data, except as specifically needed or requested as a part of your registration on this website.
6.4. the company has no obligation to post any content from you or anyone else. Additionally, the company could, in it’s sole and unshackled discretion, edit, take away or delete any content that you post or submit.
6.5. In victimisation the site, you will be exposed to content from alternative or other users or third parties, either at this website or through links to third-party websites. The company doesn’t manage or take care of, and will have no responsibility for, third-party content, as well as material which will be dishonest, incomplete, erroneous, offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable. It is advised that you must evaluate, and bear all risks related to, third-party content, as well as while not as limitation, profiles of alternative members and/or viewers of this website.
6.6. You may choose a username and a password as a part of the registration method. You’re only answerable for the confidentiality and use of your username and password. You must: (a) log out from your account each time your session comes to an end on the Site; (b) directly acknowledge the company of any unauthorized use of your username and password or the some sort of the breach of security.
7. (AS IT IS)
8.1. All material on the location are protected properly of copyright, promotion, trademarks, patents, service marks, trade secrets or various proprietary rights and laws, as could also be applicable. Except as expressly licensed by the firm, you will not sell, license, modify, rent, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publically show, publically perform, adapt, publish, edit or produce by-product works from such material. However the preceding, you will use such material within the course of your traditional, personal, non-commercial use of the website.
8.2. You will not consistently retrieve knowledge or content from this website to make or compile, indirectly or directly, in multiple or single downloads, a group, compilation, database, directory or the likes of, whether or not by manual ways, through the utilization of “bots” or otherwise. You will not use of any of logos of the corporate as metatags on different websites, written materials or otherwise. You will not show any portion of this website in an exceedingly frame (or any content from this website through in-line links) while not previous written consent of the firm.
9.1. The Refund and Cancellation Policy is applicable to both unregistered and registered users of this site.
9.2. Refund is provided only upon approval and if cancellation is received in 1 calendar day (24 hours) after creating the payment for the dating services. If the cancellation is received in the mentioned period of time, user access to the location is going to be terminated at once and any recurring payment cancelled. As an example, if the user was charged for the amount from the 1st of October until the 1st of November, the user should ask the cancellation/refund no later than the 2nd of October. A refund will not be given  if the user has sent private messages to other users before the refund request.
9.3. Cancellations received after the 24 hours trial period won’t be eligible for a refund.
9.4. Cancellation and refund may be created just for the last amount that was charged by the site and paid by the user. During this case, the user cannot ask cancellations for the charged and paid periods held previously. As an example, if the user was charged for the amount from thirty-first of October to thirtieth of November, then the user was charged for the amount from thirtieth of November to thirty-first of December, the user will build cancellation just for the amount from thirtieth of November to thirty-first of December if the request is received by the 24 hours starting from the payment period.
9.5. All refund requests should be created by the user itself or a representative of the user who represents the user legally.
9.6. All refund requests should be created in written via e-mail to and should be received by the expressed cancellation day.
9.7. Refunds that don’t seem to be created to the users of the site that abuse and don’t follow the T&C of the site (f.e. use the site in reference to the spam distribution), the Privacy Policy of the website, any applicable law or regulation and/or commit criminal or administrative violations.
9.8. If the user’s membership gets terminated underneath Section III of the Terms and Conditions, the user isn’t entitled to any refund of any unused or used subscription fees.
9.9. Refunds don’t seem to be created to the users of the site that were reported by alternative users of the site and examination of activities of such the user is initiated.
9.10. Refund is created within the same form because the original payment for the services was made.
X. Payment Processing and Pricing
10.1 Whatever payment you make is recurring. Subscription is subject to change and can be canceled anytime. Solely, this is responsibility of the member/ user to abort the service and payment both. Please mind that refunds are provided on the basis of the conditions of Cancellation and Refund Policy.
There are 3 different plans for membership:
10.2. Membership is available in 3 different plans:
10.2.1. 6-month membership: 98 EUR for 180 days.
10.2.2. 3-month membership: 59 EUR for 90 days.
10.2.3. 1-month membership: 29 EUR for 30 days.

*Depending upon the mode of payment or payment processor chosen. The periodicity of payment is changed by Multicards and Paypal. It is recommended to read the payment processor’s instructions or come in touch with our support team.
10.3 We hold the right to alter the price at any time for the services. The services of the old users/ members would get affected with the new changes in the prices except for the cases that cover rejoining the services. However, the old users or members can come under the subject to change if they receive any information prior to new changes come into action.
XI. Miscellaneous
The terms mentioned above will be rendered keeping the European Union laws in mind. The terms cover the full agreement and the understandings that are contemporaneous and prior and exist between myriad user/ members as their matter of subject. Any type of failure or delay from Company’s end in exercising any privilege, power or a right will be operated as some sort of waiver. The unenforceability or invalidity of any other of the mentioned terms will not get affected by unenforceability or invalidity of these terms and all of that will remain intact and in force.

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