Age: 43


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Country:United States
City:Berkeley, CA, United States
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Height:160 cm (5' 03")
Looking For:Friends, Adventure
Spoken Languages:English
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I am smart and classy. I have a successful career as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I take great pleasure in seeing the infants I take care of go home healthy and happy. I am an easy going and down to earth gal. Most importantly, I am drama free! My friends would describe me as cheerful, positive and fun to be around. I smile most of the time because I am a happy person. I try to live a balanced life by spending time with my family and friends. I am full of energy. I keep fit by being active, playing tennis, swimming, (I like all water sports) and going on hikes. I try to enjoy life to the fullest by enjoying being outdoors. My flexible work schedule gives me opportunities to explore new places and trying new things. I adore travelling to learn about other cultures. I prefer travelling off the beaten path, however, I don't mind the tourist traps either. If you are looking for a drama free travel companion and want to share the adventurous experience, then I am the right person for you. I am not here to get married nor interested in hookups. I am genuinely interested in travel and want to make it clear that I am not offering sex for travel. Like I said earlier, I adore travelling and it has been a passion for me. I'd like to share that with someone special as a travel partner. I can provide what money is worthless without: friendship, companionship and fun. A good sense of humor is a must. Someone who is easy going and love to laugh will get along great with me. By the way, many people perceive me to be younger looking than my age :)

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