Age: 38


Personal Info
Country:United States
City:Cape May, NJ, United States
Body Type:Heavy
Height:161 cm (5' 03")
Looking For:Friends, Soulmate, Adventure
Spoken Languages:English
Wants to Visit:Toronto, ON, Canada
Bremerhaven, Germany
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Malaysia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

i enjoy~ traveling, day trips, weekends away... 5 star hotels, b & b's, airbnb. i have a valid passport, luggage, &, tele-commute, so with a few days notice i am ready to enjoy the next adventure! i enjoy first-class &, the finer things that life offers, but i love a dirty water hot dog &, a coca-cola! lazy sunday mornings w/coffee, newspapers, &, bagels, or brunch, bike riding, neighborhood walks, going to the movies, the opera, the theatre, and concerts, seeing stand-up comedians, &, local bar bands... touring wineries/breweries, local architecture tours, botanical gardens, museums of any kind- art, industry, history, etc... painting, reading, swimming, amusement parks, festivals, parades, renaissance faires... holding hands, touching, long, deep kisses... quickies before work, before going out, before??? adult movies, adult theatres, adult dress up, &, loving adult activities, simply enjoying our time together... i believe in g~d &, the merits of science. i know that bad things happen to good people, &, that good people do bad things... second chances given, but since i don't play baseball, not thirds. this is a great life lesson! i know the difference between disappointment & judgement, in the negative connotations, &, i do my best to do neither. i choose each day to be a happy, loving, giving, thoughtful, positive person. i believe it is not that life is too short, but rather too long, to live with misery &, miserable people. i am a great traveler, nurturer, loving companion. if you would like some company on your next trip- treat me to the adventure, &, we can enjoy the journey together... i look forward to hearing from you. fernweh...

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