Age: 35


Personal Info
Country:United States
City:Eatonton, GA, United States
Body Type:Average
Height:175 cm (5' 09")
Looking For:Soulmate
Spoken Languages:English
Wants to Visit:United Arab Emirates

Vivacious, outgoing, bubbly, optimistic, confident. An insufferable smartass, funny, intelligent, independent, strong willed, original- not into image or following the crowd, straight forward/open book – you will know where you stand with me, a pillar of integrity. I am loyal, affectionate and passionate. Sometimes I am laid back and in other things I can be very driven. I tend to believe the best in people, and sometimes strive for a positive outcome longer than I should, but when I am done…I’M DONE. Although I have a strong personality, I can still be subject to rare moments of frailty requiring a strong shoulder to rest my head on until I can regroup, catch my breath & ready to take on the world again. I unfortunately was raised in “Suburbatory” but was always a country girl/ redneck at heart as you will see from my list of likes below. So I’m definitely not a Princess…but I am a Queen. And I’m looking for a man worthy of being treated like a king. I appreciate & understand men exactly how they are and relate accordingly. I do not wish to change them in any way. I have spent a lot of time working on myself and therefore have a pretty good handle on who I am and what I want and how to ask for what I need from others; not leave them guessing. But I’m humble enough to realize we never “get it done”, we are always a work in progress, bettering ourselves, growing and changing.

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