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Hi and thanks for taking a look at my profile. I have a zest for laughter, life, love. I joined this thing in hopes of finding a friend/companion/partner/hand holder, etc. I am told by many that I am beautiful and they can't believe admirers aren't knocking at my door...but they're not, so here I am trying this Internet dating site. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder anyway. I enjoy anything outdoors, camping, playing with the kids, camp fires, hunting, sipping wine, holding hands, a drive in the country, moon watching, the beach, live music, the theater. I enjoy indoor stuff too especially when the weather is lousy. I can dress up or down, and I do clean up pretty nice as well. I am single, don't do the bar scene except to listen to live music, not really into guys night out, would rather do our night in. I like all types of music except rap. I love to dance, fast, slow, whatever...I am not materialistic, but do like some of the finer things in life. I am fairly casual, but can dress well for any occasion. I am confident, strong willed about certain things but not hard headed. Trust, loyalty, honesty, security are things that are important to me. If you would like to e-mail me please do, I'd love to make a new friend, what have we got to lose? If we don't turn over stones, we may miss out on life's greatest joys.

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