Age: 31


Personal Info
Country:United States
City:Cranston, RI, United States
Body Type:Average
Height:181 cm (5' 11")
Looking For:Friends, Soulmate, Adventure
Spoken Languages:English, German
Wants to Visit:Paris, France
South Korea

I'm a fun loving Woman who loves to laugh. I am a loving, caring, honest, hard working person with a great sense of humor. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy or put a smile on my face. Getting a simple text saying I'm thinking of you can make my day. You definitely would never call me high maintenance or a drama QUEEN. That just isn't me. I believe communication is key in any kind of relationship. When it comes to being in a relationship, I'm a one woman man. I don't play games or think I can change a man from who he is. At this age, we know who we are and what we want. Time spent together is important. If you're looking for a one weekend a month Woman, I'm not your Woman. I want to be able to spend time together, getting to know each other, hearing stories of each others life that made you who you are. I love that feeling of anticipation and excitement knowing we'll be seeing each other soon. I want to be able to walk hand in hand, be able to give each other a kiss just because you feel like it. Time together doesn't have to be a huge event. I'm perfectly fine just walking and talking, going for a car ride singing to the radio, or snuggle together on the couch watching a movie. I'm looking for a man who will love me for me.

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