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Country:United States
City:New York, IA, USA
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Height:173 cm (5' 08")
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Hi. My name is Cynthia 33years. The website is kinda getting my shyness out of me lol but seeing enough smile here make me feel that I'm going to meet some decent people on here, maybe I guess lol.. Am a decent kinda person, I love to do anything work so if you are capable to date someone hard work, say hi, I am positive, thoughtful, honest, grounded, steady, and sincere. I love my family, my job, my work friends, and my gym friends. And, the quality of these relationships is directly connected to the quality of my life. I am lucky to have these wonderful people to share my life. So, what am I missing? Well, you, maybe? What is missing in my life is having a committed long-term relationship with a quality person. I want that relationship because it’s fulfilling and rewarding … and fun. That’s why I am here, telling you my story. I really love to laugh, be playful, and have fun. Life is too short and often filled with challenges not to make sure that we carve out time to enjoy ourselves. Among my favorite things to do that are enjoyable are hiking and biking (right now, both in moderation for me), walking, working out at the gym, reading, history, exploring, movies (both current and the old film noir movies), theater, concerts, museums, art exhibits, day trips, weekend getaways, and traveling. My other great love is for the Red Sox (watching on TV or attending a few games), as well as the Patriots, and NFL games, and I’m seeking someone with a similar interests so we can share our love of sports. (Continues at I'd just like to add.)..if interested drop free free to contact

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