Age: 35


Personal Info
Country:United Kingdom
Body Type:Average
Height:170 cm (5' 07")
Looking For:Soulmate
Spoken Languages:English, French
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I am an extremely grateful, honest and genuine person. I love to wake up every day to give thanks for the opportunity to see the sunrise, feel the touch of the tropical breeze, work with passion and hope to touch someone’s life along the way. I love deeply, give deeply and am committed and loyal. These are words that anyone closest to me would use to describe me and I am proud of that. I would love to meet a someone to share simple things like a walk as well as fabulous adventures. I am hoping to meet someone who becomes my best friend and lover – my today and tomorrow. Joni Mitchell says it best…“All I really, really want to do is to bring out the best in me and in you too…” I am comfortable giving affection, traveling to favorite and new places also new art (antiques) - as well as nesting at home. While I love beautiful "things" - they do not define me and the older I get the less material things I need or want. I would rather build memories with family and ultimately my life partner. I am the mushy kind and find the "dance" of attraction throughout a relationship a responsibility I willingly want and would cherish. No offense to anyone, but life has taught me that I am most attracted to someone who wants just one person. Because we are meeting on a website, it is best to include your picture and don't you think so please?. :) . Happy Searching!

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