Age: 30


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Country:United States
City:Los Angeles, CA, USA
Body Type:Athletic
Height:165 cm (5' 05")
Looking For:Friends, Soulmate
Spoken Languages:English
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..I am very very honest (to honest for my own good at times), I am caring , loving , with a big heart and an enormous amount of feelings , especially when it comes to children , I like all children and they tend to like me. I am very understanding and tolerant . I have self respect , principals , morals , respect for others and I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life and not take people or things for granted .and not really here to waste any ones time life is just way to precious and way too short to be wasting it on negative things hope you agree with me on that am intelligent and have a natural flare to learn quickly and adapt to most things . I am genuine and proud of the person I am . I would also describe myself as someone who would rather give than take from another . also appreciate the little things in life that are meaningful. I don't worry about things I have no control over. Have I a sense of humour......That is one thing I have got , and many people comment upon it . I have a very good sense of humour !

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