Age: 38


Personal Info
Country:United States
City:Norfolk, MA, USA
Body Type:Curvy
Height:178 cm (5' 10")
Looking For:Friends, Soulmate, Adventure
Spoken Languages:English
Wants to Visit:ia, Europe, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Egypt
Argentina, Quatar,UK, Canada, Asia and the caribbean islands

I am a fun, energetic, compassionate professional business woman. I do my best to make a positive difference in the lives of people, I'm very outgoing and a great listener. I have one adult daughter and I enjoy spending time with her and her friends. My favorite sport are golf and auto racing. My father was friends with a lot of the USAC drivers back in the day and we spent most of our time at the race tracks. Racing was my late husbands hobby and my daughter and I were his pit crew. I have spent many hours working in the garage helping to get the car ready. This Aug will be my 20th Indy 500. I love to travel! Europe and tropical locations are my favorite. My sister sent me something recently that she said reminded her of me. “Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.” Another friend told me recently that I am able to adapt to almost any situation. It has been a tough two years and now it is time to start enjoying life again. I love supporting our friends kids in their school activities as much as I love dressing up for a****ail party and anything in between. I am old school and think you should dress for every occasion and can seldom be overdressed. I believe you must be friends first and then maybe that friendship will turn into a mutual healthy fulfilling relationship

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